Online Window Shopping

I constantly find myself perusing the virtual shelves of my favourite online store, ASOS. One of my favourite things about ASOS is that you can save items for later so I feel like I'm shopping but my bank account doesn't. My saved items list continually grows longer until pay day when I purchase a few of my lust haves. So, I thought I'd share what I'm currently lusting over on ASOS:

ASOS Leather Scallop Edge Shopper - $131.40 AUD 
I'm a sucker for cute detailing like the scalloped edge on this bag. I think it'd be perfect for every day use or as a uni bag. It's very cute yet chic. 

ASOS Maxi Skirt with Thigh High Split - $31.54 AUD 
Even though it's currently Winter I think this would be perfect for Spring and Summer, classy but a little flirty at the same time. 

ASOS Top in Multi Colour Texture with Batwing - $49.06 AUD 
Something a bit more appropriate for the Winter season. I'm not sure what it is but, there's something I like about this. The colour combination? The batwing sleeve? I'm not sure but I like it! 

ASOS PU Sleeve Coatigan - $140.16 AUD
This is one I've actually already ordered and am in love with! It's the perfect weight for an Australian Winter and I love the trend of having leather like sleeves. 

Is anyone else guilty of having an obscene amount of items saved for later? Let me know in the comments below. 


  1. coatigan! I have never come across this before i love it. I am the same as you I like to put things in my basket and see how much it all totes up to but not actually buy anything, gets rid of the shopping bug for a short time haha


    1. I was really interested by it and love it - a cardigan with a bit more structure! Haha exactly! I'm glad I'm not alone xx

  2. Haha, it's funny as my friend was just saying she had about 200 items saved. :)

    I only have 2 at the moment! ;)

    Love the cardigan, the maxi skirt and the bag, but I'm currently too cold to even think about the maxi!


    1. Haha, what a coincidence! I completely agree, it's freezing at the moment! But I think it'll be lovely for spring/summer xx