100 Day Spending Ban

Jessi from Jessi in Wonderland recently posted in the Australian Beauty Bloggers Facebook group that she was interested in doing a spending ban and I immediately decided to jump on the bandwagon as I am heading to Europe at the end of the year and really need to get my save on!
I have more than enough makeup in my stash and would really like to start using it up hopefully leading to a few empties posts in the future and more money in my bank account. For Jessi, she's hoping to save a bit of money before her baby is born (exciting!) and I am so glad I have someone to embark on this challenge with and hopefully help me to stop my spending.

Here are my rules as to what I can and can't buy... 

Birthday presents, beauty necessities like shampoo, conditioner, body wash etc. and food if I am out and about (although I will be trying not to waste money on food at uni).

Makeup, beauty, hair and nail products, shoes and clothes.

I'll be posting every two weeks about how I am going on this journey which starts today (27th of July) and will end on the 3rd of November.

Don't forget to head over to Jessi's blog, here, and see how she is going with her spending ban and to read her great posts.

Have you guys ever gone on a spending ban? Feel free to join us on this challenge and don't forget to leave me a comment below if you decide to.


  1. Good luck! I read Jessi's post and wished her luck! I did 100 days and whoa it was a bit tough but you definitely get used to it after a while haha! xx

    1. Thanks :) haha well at least I know it is possible xx

  2. I'm trying a version of this to save money for a big vacation next summer and boy an I nervous!
    Nature With Nurture

    1. I completely understand haha! It'll be worth it though :) xx

  3. Good Luck! i hope you get through it shining :) and with lots of spare cash
    Mel xx

  4. Hi there,

    I wish you good luck love :) men say we are incapable of such a challenge but I hope you prove them wrong!
    Lots of love from Sorshia :)